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got into the wrong car au. 1254 words.

Blaine Anderson is a natural chatterbox; he knows this, his friends knows this, the whole state of Ohio knows this. It’s a positive thing for him, it helps him easily make friends, enthusiastically offer advice and share his opinions to others, and in the case of one Tuesday morning, have him finally talk to his crush.

He only wishes he was aware of it happening.

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Blaine knowing that Club in NYC with the shirtless guys, makes me think of all the au’s with Sebastian working there. 

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Seblaine AU → Hannibal

Will Graham is, and always will be, my friend. 

You’re not my friend. The light from friendship won’t reach us for a million years. 

This killer wrote you a poem. Are you going to let his love go to waste? 

#because-lbr-sebastian-would-totally-force-feed-blaine-people #induce-siezures #and-frame-him-for-murder #and-still-plan-on-being-besties-at-the-end-of-the-day 

That tag. Haha. Perf. Yes I agree.

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when i look into your eyes, it’s like watching the night sky

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[Sniffles quietly as I notice how the seblaine tag gets more quiet every day]

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Seblaine The Vow AU

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Can we just talk about how Sebastian's face completely lights up when he see Blaine singing and dancing.

Yes we can talk about that! Because it was amazingly adorable.


I love grant. 

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Did you noticed how Sebastian was standing behind Burt with the proposal on the stairs? And then at the last shot, he is gone. Yup. I saw it. I just want to cuddle him.

I didn’t tear up at the proposal because of Kurt and Blaine. All I could feel was Blaine’s words hurting Sebbie. My poor baby. :( And of course now I am hit with feels.

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Seblaine Fandom is sad. Now Mar is sad too. :(

At least we will always have the perfect Seblaine, Guys. Because RIB can’t ruin them. Positivity! <3

All the hugs for everyone!

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All the Flash!Sebastian & Nightbird!Blaine Au’s are perfection. Carry on Seblaine fandom.

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Rating: M, especially for later Chapters.
Tags: Seblaine - Horror - Multi Chapter fic - Chocolate - 

Blaine Anderson, Chocolatier of Havenbrook, desperately wants to find a new kind of flavor for his already well-known Chocolate. He is married to the Head Police Officer of Havenbrook, Sebastian Smythe. In his obsession with finding the perfect ingredient Blaine Anderson starts to drive himself mad until he finds that one special taste.

Warning for this Chapter: Attempted Murder. Sad&Hurt Sebastian (Be warned. XD)

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