vampire!kurt would like to wish you a very spooky halloween oooooh

I like your style so muchhhhhh. 

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Yay! Blind!Seb & Vogue!Kurt

The stranger was supermegafoxycupcakehot

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You: (Blind!Sebastian) Sebastian walked over the busy streets of New York City, guided by his dog. He was excited to start his new school in the big city. He had begged his parents to let him go, they could be so protective. Luckily he had his dog, who was ironically called Max like every other dog. They weren’t that creative at giving service dogs names anymore he guess. Though he was happy to have him in the first place. Now he had to teach his dog to find his way home, which wasn’t that easy.

Stranger: Kurt hurried along the crowded street, a folder with some playfully scribbled designs under his arm and a coffee in his hand. However, talking on the phone to Isabelle at the same time didn’t turn out to be the brightest idea, because suddenly his legs bumped against something, causing him to stumble, spill his drink and drop the folder. “Shit.”, he mumbled. “Um, emergency, I’ll call you back later, yeah.” Hanging up the phone, he allowed himself a first look. “Oh god, sorry ..”, he stated at the view of the boy’s shirt. “Um, I’ll pay for the cleaning?”

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Fox!Hybrid Seb.

If this was you I am sorry my connection died.. please come back to me. :”’(

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You: (Fox!Hybrid) Sebastian was silently moving. He liked to stay more away from humans since they weren’t always as accepting. People were usually wary as it was so unusual. Sebastian was now found in some suburb instead of deep in the forest. He also tried the big city but that didn’t suit him, too busy and too many people who could catch him. Thanks to his fox-like features he could live of raw meat and some other things from the garbage people left. So that was were he was now going through the trash of some stranger.

Stranger: Kurt grumbled to himself as he walked outside his house, bag of garbage in one hand, his teeth chattering because of the cold. Normally he didn’t complain about having to take out the trash, but Finn had forgotten, so he had to instead. He wasn’t paying very much attention, mostly looking down at the ground, before he came across the figure in the trash. He stumbled back in shock, his eyes widening.

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Secret Agent! Sebastian

A/N: Nooooooo, please. pleaseeeeee. Please come back to me, this was like perfection. NO. Damn you, Omegle. Damn you. How dare you to break off this connection of perfection. 

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You and the stranger both like bp!Kurt, and Kurtbastian.

You: “Agent Smythe, you will be placed to guard the son of a Congressmen. Keep him safe, and most of all, don’t let anyone know. You are placed in his classes as a new transfer student from Paris. Work with it as you like. For safety reasons you will be taking the name of Thomas.” Sebastian nodded as he looked up from the file. “Understood, sir,” he replied. “Tomorrow is your first day at New York Academy of Dramatic Art. Don’t fail.” Sebastian nodded again, so that was why he had to so singing and dancing tests before. He grabbed all his gear and went to prepare for his new life tomorrow.

Stranger: Kurt was the precious son of the Congressman, his parents were so protective of him that they found it suited to have him guarded, literally, especially since past bullying experiences during high school. The young man had all it took for a normal gay guy to fall head over heels for him but so far he was single, especially since he tried hard to mask his secret; the secret in his pants. He was already dressed ready for his afternoon dance class when he got out of the car which usually brought him to school. He headed up to the dance classroom only to find it still empty. He took the liberty to do some stretching exercises, that’s until he heard footsteps coming in.

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Hiding a boner, kurt?


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“I think loving Kurt Hummel gives boys an immediate and incurable case of heart eyes” *

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What if Adam was one of Sebastian’s fucks.. Lol Awkward xD

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And they lived happily ever after!

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Stranger: Kurt got out of his car, after sitting there for a few minutes debating on what to say. He had walked out a few days ago, upset since his fiance accused him of cheating. He walked up to his fiance’s door (So he hoped they were still together after thier fight) and knocked lightly. When he knocked the door had opened slightly, which made Kurt hesitantly walk in. “Baby?” he asked a bit quieter than he attended

You: When Kurt opened the door a puppy stormed to him with a wagging tail and cute little barks. Furniture was moved and there was some mess in general. Sebastian was in the kitchen working out how to get the stove to work and he managed to do so. He had poured another glass of wine as he walked into the living room, not expecting Kurt at all. He possessively snatched the puppy in his arms and looked judgingly over Kurt. “What are /you/ doing here,” his voice slurred a bit.

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For all the Klaine/CrissColfer shippers…

.. Have a piece of cake.

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HAHA. Chris Colfer I see you. #glee #chriscolfer #kurthummel #chris #colfer (at New York Public Library)

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Rating: M, especially for later Chapters.
Tags: Seblaine/Kurtbastian. Horror. Multi Chapter fic. Chocolate. Lots of Chocolate. Dark. 

Blaine Anderson, Chocolatier of Havenbrook, desperately wants to find a new kind of flavor for his already well-known Chocolate. He is married to the Head Police Officer of Havenbrook, Sebastian Smythe. In his obsession with finding the perfect ingredient Blaine Anderson starts to drive himself mad until he finds that one special taste.

Prologue | Chapter One | ??? | ??? | ??? 

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