Secret Agent! Sebastian

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You: “Agent Smythe, you will be placed to guard the son of a Congressmen. Keep him safe, and most of all, don’t let anyone know. You are placed in his classes as a new transfer student from Paris. Work with it as you like. For safety reasons you will be taking the name of Thomas.” Sebastian nodded as he looked up from the file. “Understood, sir,” he replied. “Tomorrow is your first day at New York Academy of Dramatic Art. Don’t fail.” Sebastian nodded again, so that was why he had to so singing and dancing tests before. He grabbed all his gear and went to prepare for his new life tomorrow.

Stranger: Kurt was the precious son of the Congressman, his parents were so protective of him that they found it suited to have him guarded, literally, especially since past bullying experiences during high school. The young man had all it took for a normal gay guy to fall head over heels for him but so far he was single, especially since he tried hard to mask his secret; the secret in his pants. He was already dressed ready for his afternoon dance class when he got out of the car which usually brought him to school. He headed up to the dance classroom only to find it still empty. He took the liberty to do some stretching exercises, that’s until he heard footsteps coming in.

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PLEASE IF THIS WAS YOU, Please Please PLEASE message me.

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You: Sebastian Smythe was offered to take over NYADA as the youngest principal yet, being only 28, the man was, even without his brown leather wristband on his left wrist, known as being a dom. The sad point was, Sebastian had never found his soulmate, his submissive. The leather cuff covering the name of his one significant other. Sebastian had searched everywhere, all the way through college. He knew he would meet his submissive when the timing was right. Sebastian played with the leather in frustration as he was wondering if he should take on some few hours of teaching too, getting more familiar with the students.

Stranger: Kurt had his first day at NYADA today adjusted the buckle on his leather cuff, sleek, pretty new black leather, on his right wrist, signifying he was a submissive. His name had only come up a few months ago, and he had no idea who Sebastian Smythe was, but Kurt had his hopes and dreams, just like any other unclaimed sub or dom. He undid the buckle, slipping it down a hole, it was too loose, he tightened it again, it was too tight. Kurt sighed and left it tight, walking into his vocal lesson almost 5 minutes early and sitting down towards the edge of one of the middle rows, now fiddling with a thread on his shirt.

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And they lived happily ever after!

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Stranger: Kurt got out of his car, after sitting there for a few minutes debating on what to say. He had walked out a few days ago, upset since his fiance accused him of cheating. He walked up to his fiance’s door (So he hoped they were still together after thier fight) and knocked lightly. When he knocked the door had opened slightly, which made Kurt hesitantly walk in. “Baby?” he asked a bit quieter than he attended

You: When Kurt opened the door a puppy stormed to him with a wagging tail and cute little barks. Furniture was moved and there was some mess in general. Sebastian was in the kitchen working out how to get the stove to work and he managed to do so. He had poured another glass of wine as he walked into the living room, not expecting Kurt at all. He possessively snatched the puppy in his arms and looked judgingly over Kurt. “What are /you/ doing here,” his voice slurred a bit.

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Stranger: (Werewolf AU, bp!Kurt) Kurt’s face was flushed as he excused himself from class and nearly ran out, quickly making his way to the bathroom. After checking that no one else was in the bathroom, he stopped forcing himself to control his breath, starting to pant. He was going into heat, and he knew it, but he slammed his eyes closed and grabbed the sink firmly, as if he could stop it just by sheer will.

You: Sebastian was fairly new at his school, same with several other students. All transferred from france some how. Their school had ‘closed’ down and that made Sebastian, Hunter, Nick, Jeff and Brody come to Dalton. Sebastian hadn’t really noticed there was another wolf here at the school until he smelled Kurt, the others did too. But being the alpha, Sebastian already and made a claim on Kurt. He would mate Kurt. He was destined to mate with him. Hunter wasn’t so pleased, while Nick and Jeff were ecstatic. Brody was more easy going in general. “You can stop trying to hide it you know…,” his voice suddenly sounded in the bathroom. “My whole pack can smell you. Why are you so afraid of us? We never did you any harm..,” he spoke while cocking his head a bit and walking towards the boy slowly. “But I must admit your heat is kind of drivin’ me crazy, doll,” Sebastian spoke in a whisper as his hot breath caressed Kurt’s neck.

Stranger: Kurt’s eyes went wide as he snapped around to face Sebastian. The face that normally annoyed and, yes, frightened him was suddenly getting him worked up, and he silently cursed his heat. “God, Sebastian, just go away,” he said, his voice in a higher pitch than usual. He tried to take a step back but his body wouldn’t let him, breathing in harshly at his proximity to Sebastian. He whimpered out a “please,” though he was no longer sure what exactly he was asking for.

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You: (Teacher!Sebastian) Sebastian nodded and put one foot on his knee as he leaned back reading the student’s paper. He grabbed his coffee and took a sip. “Scrap this paragraph. Move this one to the top and the top to the middle,” he started commenting. His brows slowly started to fur as the story suddenly changed into a really mature gay sex story. Sebastian got hot and cleared his throat. He didn’t want to stop reading it but he shouldn’t accept this right. “Is this a joke?”

Stranger: Kurt chuckled softly from where he was sitting, trying his best to not freak out and get awkward “Nope, no joke.” He said in a sultry voice, looking over at his teacher with dark and lust filled eyes.

You: Sebastian slammed the paper down and looked over the boy. “I don’t care that you write this in your private time, Mr. Hummel. But this is not your English assignment,” he spoke. He had to give the boy props on his write, so far what he had read.

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I just imagined the most funniest plot.. Or well what should have happened on glee.

Sebastian should have sung the Sandra Dee song for Kurt to get in his pants.

Bhahaha! 1,2,3,.. And WRITE!

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The Hunter and The Angel

Warning: Torture, Killings, Character Deaths and Suicide. Just a warning ;)

You: (Hunter!Sebastian)Sebastian checked if he had everything. He looked all pretty and innocent but what most people didn’t know was that he was a Hunter. Once again he had to switch schools, and decided that Dalton would give him a nice break of hunting for the supernatural. Little did he know even in the expensive private school, supernatural creatures ran amok..

Stranger: Kurt Hummel walked through Dalton’s halls towards his dorm, gently opening the door to his dorm. He closed it behind him, dropping onto his bed quickly and unfurling his wings. (Mutant, I guess.) He groaned, before realizing someone else was in his room. He sat up quickly, “Who’re you?” He asked, looking at the new dorm mate.

You: Sebastian raised his eyebrows at the sight he was seeing. Slowly a smirk was revealed on his face as he looked over the boy with much interests. Maybe he didn’t got that much of a break here. His eyes lighting up with the anticipation of another thing he could kill.

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AAAAH SO SO PERFECT. I CAN’T. Will they see each other again or not. You will never know.. See what I did there? xD. Great RP’ing. I love you. x 

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NOOO!!!!! I am so sorry! Hope you liked it though? x

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HOLY SHIT. This Omegle convo, I can’t.

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You: Sebastian bit his lip and got to his feet. He unbuttoned his shirt and looked at Kurt with some doubt. He inhaled sharply and started to unwrap the bandage around his chest. Slowly a devil like tail revealed. He bit his lip and flickered the long black tail with the arrow-like end, and let out a sigh in relief that it was freed. He casted his eyes down. “I.. I’ve a tail now..”

Stranger: “H-how” was all Kurt could manage, looking at Sebastian with wide eyes before looking at the tail.

You: Sebastian casted his eyes down. “I umm may have taken that vile of green liquid from my dad’s office, you said I shouldn’t take,” he whispered quickly in one breath.

Stranger: Kurt groaned, “Oh, Sebastian” he sighed, “so what exactly are you now?”

You: Sebastian shrugged. “Mutt. Mutant. Freak..,” he started. “I am so sorry Kurt. If you leave me I totally get that..,” he spoke sadly.

Stranger: Kurt shook his head, “I’m not leaving you because you didn’t something stupid, or I’d leave a long time ago” he pressed a gentle kiss to Sebastian’s lips, “and don’t call yourself that.”

You: Sebastian couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah.. I’ve done some stupid things,” he muttered. His tail wrapped around the two of them and pulled then against each other. “It is pretty cool, I have like a third and longer arm,” he whispered with his famous smirk.

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Are there fic’s of where Isabelle is Sebastian’s mother?

Please link them to me.. desperate. 

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Can someone recommend me some fic’s?

I am mainly looking for “Demon” one’s? I’ve never read them and I have no idea how demon’s and etc. act..? I am just interested because I saw THIS post. I dunno. You can also recommend me other (Or your own) Supernatural fic’s! Super into that! 

Thanks for your help lovelies! <3 

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Rating: M, especially for later Chapters.
Tags: Seblaine/Kurtbastian. Horror. Multi Chapter fic. Chocolate. Lots of Chocolate. Dark. 

Blaine Anderson, Chocolatier of Havenbrook, desperately wants to find a new kind of flavor for his already well-known Chocolate. He is married to the Head Police Officer of Havenbrook, Sebastian Smythe. In his obsession with finding the perfect ingredient Blaine Anderson starts to drive himself mad until he finds that one special taste.

Prologue | ??? | ??? | ??? | ??? 

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All the kurtbastian plots!

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Which kind of multi chaptered fic would you prefer to read/let me write, now I finished Tutoring Gone Wrong.

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