Grant Gustin strikes the perfect balance as the title character, imbuing Barry Allen with the proper combination of awkward sweetness, intelligence and vulnerability that is absolutely winning.

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CTV Upfronts

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@grantgust You can be completely submerged by dark clouds, turn one corner and there’s the sun.

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"Think you’re all about me
                        but I’m all about you.

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Man Crush Monday: Labor Day Edition (6/25) - Grant Gustin

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tomgustin: Brothers on a deck.

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 Happy Birthday @DarrenCriss. I want to be like you when I grow up. 

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favorite character meme
                       two/four relationships

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tomgustin Brothers on a deck.

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Barry Allen. oops

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Arrow meets The Flash (x)

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The Flash - Speed Trap (x)

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The Flash “My name is…” (x)

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