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hannahdlaine: 👀👀 mcms ❤ @grantgust

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leelarothenberg: Just waiting for the subway at 72nd… AHHHHH @grantgust ⚡⚡⚡⚡

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grantgust Monday

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SuperGrant :3  (society6)

worked super hard on it. I’m so happy he saw it and liked it ;___; What a nice angel is he. 

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grantgust: Enjoying a nice day off in Vancouver. #VanCity
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Grant Gustin: They did digital body scans, facial scans, of every single part of me, so they could create a whole CG [computer graphics] model of me. I could probably just do some ADR [automated dialogue replacement] and not even show up for work, honestly.

The Flash Premiere Countdown:  15 days. 

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grantgust: @moishpain ‘s work is amazing. Love this one of Barry/Flash.
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grantgust Finally got to Whistler. It’s beautiful and so was the drive. Much needed breath.

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