New The Flash promo poster at San Diego Comic Con!!

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grantgust: be nice and choose happiness.

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grantgust: Work suit.

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insidethetube: WB booth with #Arrow, #Gotham, #Constantine and #TheFlash. #SDCC

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favorite character meme
                       one/three emotions - drunk/drugged

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'The Flash's' Grant Gustin: Barry Allen is an unusual superhero
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'The Flash': Grant Gustin On Stephen Amell Guest Starring 
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Grant Gustin chats with Access about the new CW series, “The Flash,” premiering October 7.
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grantgust #regram #jettlife @tha_los

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I mean, I was a tap dancer when I was a 10-year-old and I was bullied just the same all through high school. So it’s something I can relate to for sure.

Grant Gustin on relating to the bullying in Barry’s past (x)
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It’s really hard being in the suit. They made it as comfortable as possible now. I like the suit, it’s cool to be in but I mean when we’re shooting…it’s hot in Vancouver right now. We’re shooting outside, I mean it’s intense. That’s exhausting. We’ve got to keep me hydrated and keep me cooled off.

— Grant Gustin about The Flash’s suit [x] (via grantgustinbr)
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